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After-sale service Terms

LR-LINK products carry out nationwide warranty.No matter wherever you purchase our products(excluding Hongkong,Macao,Taiwan region),you can get warranty service by invoice at after-sale service center or dealers .If you can’t offer invoice ,the warranty starts at the date of production after two months.

Warranty of Exchange

Limited in product host.Accessories :Power line,various connecting line,software products,specification,etc are excluded from the warranty.If there’s something wrong with accessories in a week ,exchanges are permitted without any terms.If there’s any problem with equipment performance within warranty ,and no scratches on appearances ,complete package ,you can exchange new product directly.During free warranty of exchange,we’ll exchange it for the same model or the equivalent after confirming the failures by our company or related authentication dealer.And changes are attached to our company.

Warranty of Repair

If there’s any problem with equipment performance within related service time after purchasing it,the products will be repaired and exchanged  the fault part after being checked by our company .

Lifelong Maintenance

From the end of Warranty time to stop producing , our company carries out lifelong maintenance service ,charing part fee.

Remark:we promise:three-month or one-year warranty of exchange;a-year,3-year,5-year ,lifelong warranty of repair.The specific warranty dead line is based on customers’ requirement and guaranteed by contract.

The following situations are beyond the free warranty:

1.Product failure or damage results from installation,use,maintenance,storage not based on use instructions.

2.It has already exceeded warranty deadline

3.Alter or tear product bar code unauthorized

4.The product bar code or model is not correspondent with product itself

5.Changing inherent document or repairing without permission of our company

6. Product damage results from accidents or human behaviour ,such as:inputting unproper voltage,high temperature,water,mechanic damage,dropping,oxidization or rustiness,etc

7.Damage caused by transportation,loading and unloading when returning

8.Product failure or damage caused by irresistible power such as:earthquake,fire,flood,,thunderstrike
9.Product failure or damage not caused by product’s own design,technology,manufacturing,quality,etc

Maintenance Method:

1.When the products you purchase go wrong,you can apply for warranty service by valid certificates :invoice,warranty card ,etc.Due to nationwide warranty for LR-LINK brand products,you can directly contact our company’s local offices or customer service department when you can’t contact dealers.

2.LR-LINK dealers apply to LR-LINK local offices or headquarter for warranty services instead of customers,If in accord with replacement of a new product,dealer can directly get a new replacement for customer.In other cases, dears should replace the repair spare parts for you first .

3.Customer or dealer should undertake the freight of sending the reprocessed products to our company .And the freight of returning to you is undertook by our company.

Special Statement:

1.The above after-sale service promises are limited in China mainland.For the products we agreed with other after-sale service tems is guaranteed by LR-LINK affirmed contract.

2.We are responsible for our promises.But for the dealer’s other promises , we have no responsibility.You should ask for written documents when purchasing from our dealers.

Remarks:the right of interpretation and modification reserved by LR-LINK.