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Partners-----Choosing LR-LINK,getting limitless business opportunities

Core competitive advantages

LR-LINK——top brand of optical network card

R&D advantages: our company puts an emphasis on technological innovation.We’ve achieved many technological innovation from the first generation optical network card to the second generation optical network card and stay ahead in this industry.
Product advantages:strong product line selection,advance in product development speed,stable and reliable product quality,full-solution application to meet different customers ‘ demands.

Price advantages:professional factory management,globalized raw material purchase,spot sale,providing large operating space for partners.

As the most complete-specificationed ,professional fiber optical network card manufacturer, our product line covers network cards from PCI to PCI-E,PC to sever,single port to four ports,100M to 10G,and full-specification network cards with various ports.We’ve developed independently nearly 100 products base on main-stream solution :Intel,Marvell,Broadcom,etc.LR-LINK always focuses on the development and application of fiber optical network cards .We develop independently , innovate continuously,keep updating products and improving product quality.No matter the development speed of new products or materials,workmanship,quality, we stand ahead in this industry.

Be refined,be specialized,be strong!To be an upright person dependably, to handle affairs seriously.We’ll accompany you to step forward to a vast blue-ocean market,and obtaining good profits,letting the company make rapid progress.Working with LR-LINK----casting fiber optic communication new field!As LR-LINK partners,dealers,customers,you can occupy the most favorable advantage and position before current enterprise-informationized market.

Target Partners

1.Channel dealers mainly contains:diskless/disk system integrator,project engineering system integrator,networking product dealers,distributor,industry customers.

2.Channel system and channel planning:we’ll offer you :powerful product line selection,advanced product development speed ,stable and reliable product quality,the most competitive price advantage ,reasonable and normative sale policy.We’ll not only improve your company’s profitability ,but also improve customer satisfaction,enhance your popularity,credibility,and competitiveness.All in all, let you have larger development space,and really get mutually beneficial ,win-win,long-term valid cooperation mechanism.

Dealer’s application and approval process

1.having corporate capacity,business scope registered in Commerce and Industry includes “selling computer hardware and software,system integration,or some involved products”.

2.Being familiar with local market,and having strong market-promoting ability.

3.Being able to finish definite sale task within stipulated time.

4.More than 2 professional staffs engaged in LR-LINK products’ sale and service. 

Process of application and approval:

1.Application:Putting forward a written application for LR-LINK,and filling dealer application form of LR-LINK .
Besides application form ,dealer also need to submit below material:

copy of enterprise business license

the numbers of organizing institutions

ID copy of business legal person

2.Signing a contract:Dealers sign agency agreement with LR-LINK.

Agency Agreement

Please contact the sales to get it.