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New Uni-directional Transmission Fiber Gigabit Server Adapter
Tag: Uni-directional Transmission, Fiber Card, Gigabit, Server Adapter Date:2016-12-26

LR-LINK Uni-directional Transmission Gigabit Fiber Optic Server Adapter Introduction

Product Brief Introduction:

LREC9701EF-TX/RX fiber server adapter is the second generation simplex communication gigabit fiber optic ethernet adapter, based on Intel 82576EB, researched and developed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD.

Transmit network card and receive network card compose the Ethernet Adapter, connecting by uni-directional LC fiber patch cord.

Using the latest optical fiber simplex communication technology, effectively guarantee the stability of data transmission, reduce the packet loss rate. Since the simplex communication characteristics of light, this Ethernet Adapter not only achieve physical separation between the internal computer network and the external network, but also ensure that the data between internal and external networks in real time, reliable, secure simplex communication. With third-party software, LREC9701EF-TX/RX server adapter can be widely used in public security, government systems, military and other security departments as well as used in other confidential computer network.

Main function:
Cross domain data transfer:
Applied to internal and external network separation of enterprises, can automatically file from the external network one-way migration to the enterprise network, the rate of 1000Mbps. For party and government organs, such as the internal network security secret unit high environment, realize the file from the low security network to the high security network of one-way migration.

Data flow speed transmission:
Applied to large flow data transmission environment, providing application call interface, real-time wire speed transmission rate up to 1000Mbps. Real-time collection of video data from the network level is low, including hotels, cafes, office buildings and other video acquisition and transmission.

Database synchronization:
Support ORACLE, SQL database Server, SYBASE, DB2, MYSQL database cross network one-way synchronization, synchronization support incremental synchronization, synchronization between heterogeneous databases, support user-defined table, field synchronization.

Automatic notification service:
Mail notification: file transfer from non secret network to the secret network, when the file to the classified network, automatically sends a file to the users mailbox and notify the user.

Web Service notice:

File transfer from non secret network to the secret network, when the file to the classified network, file be informed automatically to the specified Web Service server.

Actively seek and take the initiative to push:
The sender supports active access to the file specified by the user on the server, and the receiving end will actively push the received file to the specified server.
The safety management system:
Username / password authentication or encryption dog identity authentication function based on the data of the sender and the receivers identity authentication. By way of WEB file transfer directory permissions and group permissions management, black and white list management support both IP and MAC.

System monitoring and real-time monitoring system running state audit:
Log and audit system log information, security event information, user access behavior and other information.

Product advantage:
Comparison of several mainstream methods of one-way transmission:

1,Forced to send: Ordinary fiber server adapter started to work when there are data in receiving port, forced to send is increase the receiving voltage, keep it working all the way. It makes the entire network card has been in an abnormal state. Prone to packet loss phenomenon.
2, the use of splitter. Usually the splitter for 2:8 light or 5:5 light occupies 8 or in the main chain on the road 5 light source are to accept is only 2 copies or 5 copies, with the splitter is signal on the backbone of the shunt decreased signal is caused a loss of signal.
3, LR-LINK Fiber Uni-directional transmission Server Adapter, it be researched and developed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., LTD. On the premise of without changing the working state of the optical fiber card, no reduce signal strength, only modify circuit and matching module to realize Uni-directional transmission.This card is always in normal working condition, signal did not abate, Uni-directional card wont produce the phenomenon of packet loss or mistake package, to ensure the normal operation of Uni-directional card for a long time.