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What is the difference between optical fiber network card and HBA card
Tag: optical fiber network card, HBA card,optic fiber, network card Date:2016-04-14

In simple, fiber optic network card connect Ethernet switches, but HBA card connect stored or optical switches.

Optical fiber network card support TCP/IP protocol, HBA card support FC protocol

Need to distinguish is the ethernet and storage area network. Ethernet switch no matter copper(RJ45) connector or fiber optic connector is different fromstorage optical switches, this is the most essential difference.

HBA card is connected to the server and storage. Can couple with a memory. This way is called SAN
In simple terms, its function should be to let between servers and storage devices to realize many-to-one, or one-to-many.
Ethernet card, it is connected to the computer (server) and network hardware equipment, we have to use card to achieve data communication. On the server using the network card can be very good to enhance the stability of the server and fault tolerance.