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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the soul of corporate, and the everlasting impetus promoting corporate development.Corporate culture:the highest goal,value standard,basic faith and code of conduct all obeyed and that formed in all staff’s development .It contains very rich details:business philosophy,value concept,corporate spirit,corporate moral,team consciousness,corporate image,corporate system.Spirit and value are the core of corporate.Going through these year’s development and accumulation of LR-LINK ,we’ve form our own core corporate culture:

Core Philosopher:

Ideas confirm thinking,thinking instructs action,action forms habit,habit influences personality,personality determine fate.Our core sale ideas:”what can I do for you?”

Corporate Culture--Corporate Spirit

Innovating Everyday

“Innovating Everyday” is our corporate spirit and inevitable choice for the survival and development in fierce market competition.
“Innovation”------the comprehensive development of imagination and creativity,which lies in break through tradition,creating new idea,leading ahead,developing in advance.
“Everyday”-----stresses the timeliness,urgency and tenacity of innovation.

“Innovating Everyday”-----conveys LR-LINK people’s perseverance of seizing every minute and grittiness, and firm faith of tamping foundation,building advantages,creating future.
“Innovating everyday “is a systematic project:

Perspective innovation:perspective innovating is the soul of enterprise development,we should break through thinking set,apply new thinking ,new perspective,new method to run business,create new value,and meet new demands.
Organizational innovation:According to modern enterprise system’s requirements ,people oriented,building fire-new enterprise processes and building learning enterprise to make enterprise’s organizational structure more adapted to market economy’s needs.

Managerial innovation:managerial innovation is to create a new energetic resource-integrating mode.

Technological innovation:Information industry is currently the fastest-growing high-tech industry.For survival and development,we must keep one step ahead in technology,and keep creative thinking ,creative action everyday.

Product innovation:Product innovation is to propose demand and build market ,regarding user’s satisfaction as quality standard(CS philosophy)to continuously producing customer-satisfying new products,and become market-oriented enterprise.

Service innovation:Service is the second competition for enterprise’s joining market,is more important than product competition.We should advocate “using premium service to improve value” philosophy,establishing new service awareness,creating new service means,opening up new service space,meeting new service demands.

Value innovation:Value is to meet social needs,however,value---enterprise to social comes from innovation.Only when enterprise continuously makes value innovation,continuously activates staff’s sense of worth,can the enterprise create new substantial and mental fortune,and meet social ever-growing demands.

Corporate Culture---business philosophy

Demand Means Value

Marx says:”Value”---this common concept produced from the relationship that people treat the outside substance that can satisfy their demands.”Value”Marx says is a common philosophy category,it means object has the attribute ,function and meaning of meeting subject’s demand.

Logicality of DMV idea:demand is cause,value is result,only when needs get satisfied,can value come true.

Dialectic of DMV idea:to be dialect and unified with value.no need,value can not be activated and incarnated ;off value,needs can not be recognized and measured.

Materiality of DMV idea:needs show as desires on material,value is the recognition on spirit,values originates from needs,those incarnate “nature is the first character” philosophy concept.

Enterprisevalue originates from needs of shareholder,staff and social appreciation.DMV idea is the core idea of enterprise,is the core value,and a thinking weapon of thinking about problems,settling problems, summarizing problems for every staff .

Corporate culture--Corporate tenet

strives for the survival by the quality, innovates strives for the development,strives for returning back society.

Quality:LR-LINK always puts quality first,spare no efforts to improve product quality,make users rest assured .
Innovation:Throughout corporate’s every managerial process,innovation spirit is existed,pursuing excellence is the guidance of LR-LINK value.

Repaying Society:LR-LINK,is an enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility ..It not only creates value for itself,shareholders and staffs,but also makes efforts to repay society .It make the national brand.

Corporate Culture-- development strategy

self-independent innovation,doing professional,refinedly ,and powerfully

We developed from traditional telecommunication product manufacturer to a Chinese advanced electronic information enterprise which combined electronic information product manufacturer with information technology service .

By implementing “industry upgrading,managerial innovation” development goal,LR-LINK established the strategic goal which combined electronic information product manufacturer with information technology service .

LR-LINK has constructed four plates:finished product business,device business,software business,project business,and dedicated to form powerful industry chain;to be advanced manufacturer in these areas:telecommunication networking product manufacturer,information technology service,photoelectron device,security and technical prevention products;to be the most attractive enterprise in Chinese telecommunication industry .Meanwhile,we will take a positive part in nationwide competition,becomes the most influential and advanced electronic information enterprise nationwide by the end of 2010.

Corporate Culture---Managerial Idea

Single pendulum resonance theory

Enterprise as a small ball hanging in single pendulum,suffers damping force from outside market competition and inside traditional thinking set.If you there is no driving force pushing ball continuously,amplitude of single pendulum will become smaller and smaller,and so does enterprise’s development space.This driving force comes from staff’s innovation force.If this innovation force’s driving frequency is adapted to enterprise’s inner potential,there will be a resonance phenomenon.Meanwhile,the enterprise finds the right innovation stimulus ,so make comprehensive value maximized.

Single pendulum resonance model’s moral

Innovation can overcome competitive pressure.Enterprise faces complex both outside and inner environment,has many disadvantages ,these will be resistance for enterprise’s development.Only when relying on innovation force’s push ,can we overcome resistance and keep powerful development momentum.
Innovation force has to push properly.Both direction and potency dimension of innovation force has to be appropriate .That’s the necessary premise of realizing enterprise’s value maximization.

Enterprise’s value lies in comprehensive value’s maximization.Enterprise’s value maximization lies in the three sides’ : shareholder ,staff,society comprehensive value .maximization .

1+1>2cooperation theory

The so-called cooperation theory is 1+1>2 domino effect ,that is :the unity function of enterprise’s business fields is greater than sum of single effect.Like:cooperation of production manufacturer,technology development,marketing management,purchasing suppliance,etc.

When industry upgrading,we must innovate management.The key point of innovate management is obtaining cooperative combat’s advantages.cooperative combat is the necessary premise of forming LR-LINK industrial chain .Establishing 1+1>2 cooperation theory can decrease greatly enterprise’s coordination cost,and integrate fully various resource.

Corporate Culture-Corporate Discipline

The greatest important is action,the greatest valuable is innovation

“Action”:the necessary premise of achieving goals,is approach,means.Only through “action”,we can achieve goal.”Action”also reflects speed culture, is the basic impetus of realizing high efficiency.We advocate”Action”discipline,that is pursuing “true to its word, line must be fruit”action plain attained.

“Innovation”gives “action” stimulus and push.”Action” needs exact push of innovation,thus realizing efficient action with innovative thoughts.”Innovation”lies in impetus mechanism,is the inexhaustible impetus of achieving goals. 

”Action” is dialectical and unified with “innovation”.Action can’t get away from innovation’s spur,innovation replies on action’s implementation.Pushing Corporate Culture-Corporate Discipline ,show LR-LINK’s business philosophy and innovation spirit. 

Corporate Culture--Code of Conduct for staff)

To construct a harmonious working environment,establish first-rate managerial mechanism,shape good enterprise image,improve LR-LINK’s comprehensive competitive ability,we need to standardize staff’s thinking and action by common core value and enterprise spirit,make every staff has its own behavior and performance.Thus ,we reach our goal of training staff’s high self-conscious .So we formulate this code of conduct.


Our staff must have good ideological Morality),Mainly reflect at:

Be honest:integrity and sincerity.

Be faithful:to be as good as your words,do what you promise

Be disciplined:strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions,obey the rules and laws.

Be reasonable:calmly thinking,settling reasonably.


Our staff must establish first-rate working standard

make efforts to accomplish:

Diligent:Dedicated,work hard
Serious: pursue the better for everything
Creative:deny yourself,continuously innovating

High efficiency:Completion date issue date,stress actual effect


Our staff must cultivate positive teamwork,has below recognitions:

joining:Everybody is responsible for team activities

Be modest:"Amongst three people walking, one can certainly be my teacher.

Cooperation:pay attention to resultant force,submit to general situation.

Dedication: all-for-one-and-one-for-all-ness.


Our staff not only should be civil staff,but also need to be civil citizen,Basic requirements:

tidiness:pay attention to hygiene,be neat and tidy

politeness:treat everyone politely,respect the olds and cherish the young.

Cooperation:be neither humble or pushy,cooperate friendly.

oncord:comply with public morality,peach in home and harmony with neighbour.

stately promise:LR-LINK networking--your most professional and honest partner!