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Development Progress

In August 2012,our company’s foreign market continuously brought success,our products has sold to Russia,Germany,France,Thailand,The South Korea,India,Netherland,Czech Republic,Singapore,etc.

In June 2012,after two year’s development,LR-LINK brand fiber optical network card has won wide popularity,has become domestically the most professional and specification-completed network card developer and manufacturer,and has been widely used in large-scale group company.Details:topical customer.

In April 2012,LR-LINK successfully cooperated with DELL,became DELL company’s partner.
In March 2012,the second generation of 82576EB dualSFPPortsever fiber optical network card was relaunched,optimizing for its appearance and layout.

In January 2012,the second generation of dual SFP port 10 Gigabit fiber optical network card based on INTEL82599ES came into market.This network card is better than other manufacturers’ in material and function.

In November 2011,our company’s the second generation of network card series came into market grandly.There is big promotion in whole performance,stability and compatibility ,compared to the first generation of network cards.

In August 2011,our company cooperated with D-link successfully,became the OEM partner of D-Link cooperation’ fiber optical network card.

In May 2011,company’s fiber optical network card has been used in military industrial enterprises and government agencies ,and highly rated.

In December 2010,we successfully developed the dual SFP port sever network card which is based on INTEL 82576EB .Its high-performance virtualization and flexible SFP module application ,were widely used in market.

In October 2010,we successfully developed dual port sever fiber optical network card based on BCM5715S,which is widely used in internet bar’s diskless sever and controlling sever.
In September to December 2010,we promoted all-series various network card,applied in  FTTD,for providing FTTD with cost-effective solution.

In August 2010,the global first 32bit PCI (supporting PXE remote boot)gigabit fiber optical network card was developed successfully ,and was largely used.

In July 2010,our company transferred successfully from focusing on fiber optical network card field to devoting to build Chinese most professional network card supplier,fiber optical network card first brand.

In June 2010,the first company realizing standard switch consolidation port convergence function,solving switch bandwidth neck problem..
In May 2010,the first one to design and manufacture low-power consumption fiber optical network card for coal industry,and became Tsinghua Tongfang partner.
In May 2010,internet bar association president Mr Zhu ,large-scale internet bar business operator Mr Wu come in our company in person to negotiate with the cooperation.
In April 2010,we became designated networking supplier for Lenovo networking products business division.
In February 2010,to extend scale and improve development and manufacture ability,we transferred our company to Xintang industrial area,Fuyong ,Shenzheng,area of our factory is 1300m2.

In February 2010,the first one to promote 24 port fool fiber optical switch,offering FTTD ideal solution.

In November 2009,we offered OEM service for famous diskless software integrators.

In September 2009,we successfully developed single port/dual port fiber optical sever network card.

In July 2009,our company’s networking products were exhibited in Russia and Durban.

In October 2008,our company achieved ROHS certification;and promoting”manufacturing green products,advocating green life”environment policy.

In February 2008,our company achieved ISO9001 certification,and promoting “Based on quality, customer supremacy;continuously improving ,creating brand”quality policy.

In October 2007,our company registered LR-LINK brand,started company’s whole image building and brand promotion.

In September 2007,we established our company’s engineering and development center.
In May 2007,because of business’s rapid development ,we transferred our company to Huafeng industrial area ,Baoan,Huafeng.

In May 2007,through one -year rapid diskless development of internet bar,we became a chief supplier in internet bar diskless network card in the later several years.

In May 2006,we developed the new generation of gigabit diskless bootrom network card ,and came into internet bar diskless new field.