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Shenzhen Lianrui Electronic Co.,LTD(LR-LINK)is one of the very few enterprise having independent engineering capacity .Since establishment ,we put an emphasis on the construction of R&D team and input of new product development .R&D expense is beyond 5% of our total sales every year.We take 5% of our sales into rewarding our research staffs and other contributors for encouraging staffs to keep innovative.

Solution Application Innovation

LR-LINK always keeps tight cooperation with Intel,BroadCom,Marvell,Realtek,Via,IcPlus.New product development keeps pace with original manufacturer ,and continuously promoting new products .Currently solutions of the above six network card main controllers have been applied into our company .And weve engineered and developed new products independently .Our R&D team keep the speed of promoting 1-2 new products per month.So far,weve adopted nearly 40 manufacturer-different main controllers,and developed 100 models.Were the most specification-completed network card manufacturer in current market.

Product Improvement Innovation

LR-LINK keeps improving all products continuously .In 2011,we promoted the unique second generation fiber optical network card in the market.By optimizing layout ,improving structure of differential pair trace routing ,replacing original photoelectric converter,increasing voltage-stabilizing controller for power supply ,its property and stability have been greatly enhanced compared to the first generation fiber optical network card.In addition ,changing the original red PCB into standard green PCB makes products more premium and environmental .The second generation network card is highly rated by users after promotion ,and is implemented into large enterprises and institutions like China Aerospace ,China Electronics ,China heavy industry,China Airlines ,Shanghai jiaotong university,etc.

Technology Application Innovation

Engineers of LR-LINK R&D team are from large networking communication companies, rich in networking product application and design experience ,especially familiar with solutions of major chip manufacturers . Thus ,in solution selecting ,time to market and stability of products can be greatly enhanced.Stable and reliable design for power supply is the key to insure stability of products .Its sumptuous material is second to none in this industry,only for making sure the reliability and stability of products ,and can be used in harsh environment .LREC9220PF is successful in being implemented into a Germany large-scale military enterprise.The use quantity get to 1000pcs one time ,correspond to establishing a large full-optical-fiber LAN network which consisting of 1000 units computers .And its highly rated by Germany customers.

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