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The second generation PCI-E x1 Gigabit SC Fiber Optic Network Card has mass production
Tag: Date:2011-07-22

The second generation PCI-E x1 Gigabit SC Fiber Optic Network Card has mass production,and is highly rated by users.

LREC9210PF is the second generation gigabit fiber Ethernet network card which is supporting PCI-E bus,and manageable(unique in the market).This card is creatively developed by LR-LINK,and is a mainstream gigabit fiber network card in LREC fiber network card series.The second generation(Green Card) has been greatly modified and optimized base on the first generation(Red Card),and its property and stability also get greatly promotion.Meanwhile,the second generation(Green Card) fiber network card is unique to our company,and its the only new generation network card in the market.It has been largely used in large public-sector organizations and administrative organs of the government ,such as:the Great Hall of People,China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation,aviation industry corporation of china.Its quality is much higher than counterparts.

This network card can rapidly construct gigabit network and offer reliable fiber connection for users,especially very proper for places which their distance to POI is beyond five- type lines connection distance(100m),can utterly replace RJ45 port Ethernet card which is currently common used ,and offer reliable FTTD solution for users.Users can select fiber port parameters (including connector,single/multi-mode fiber,operating distance)according to situations.

Adopting American NARVELL high-performance main-control chip,Broadcom hihg-performance photo-electric controller offer high=performance reliable guarantee for fiber optic network card.

American Broadcom and MARVELL company are global leading semiconductor manufacturers,and global broadband communication products integrated circuit designers,developers and suppliers.

Strict fiber cabling requirement,high-standard length-equal and distance-equal differential pair trace routing,controlling length-equal within 5mil ,all these improved signal transfer quality,and effectively guaranteed various property parameters of network card;onboard high-efficiency high-power source-managed chip offers safe,stable and reliable power supply for network card;good layout ,proper component seal,superior material not only ensure the high performance an stability of network card ,but also make product more beautiful and generous.