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LR-LINK Brand Fiber Network Card Application for FTTD

On January 13th, 2010,State Council conference made a resolution of promoting the integration of the country"s 3 networks -telecom, TV broadcasting and Internet.Ministry of Industry and Information Technology uniting with the six ministries and commissions issued,proposing that by 2011 ports of fiber bandwidth will exceed 80 million,wire speed for urban uses reach to 8Mbps and above;for rural uses to 2Mbps and above ;and for business uses reach to 100Mbps by and large.Within 3 years ,investment on construction of fiber bandwidth network exceeded 150 billion yuan, newly-increased bandwidth users exceeded 50 million.Meanwhile,State Grid Corporation of China specifically put forward smart grid development plan,and that the first electric FTTH pilot area starts in shenyang.State Grid also announced that from January 1st,2010 ,we"ll comprehensively popularize FTTH in Shanghai.By 2015,shanghai will take the lead domestically in realizing FTTH ,average wire speed will reach to 50Mbps.
Support of the country"s main policy and promotion of the country"s strategical-lever projects like 3-network integration,smart grid,and internet activate the new development motivation in the field of routing and photo-communication infrastructures.

Advantages of FTTD Solution
FTTD(Fiber to the Desktop) is that fiber as a replacement of traditional copper transmission medium extend directly to user"s terminal computers,and make user terminal get network through fiber thoroughly . Cooper system still remain dominant among workspace subsystems for its low price and cost ,simple installation and implementation,convenient maintenance ,and PoE ethernet-technology support,etc.
While,with the development of photo-communication technology ,bottleneck of copper system upgradation,complexity of application environment,etc,the advantages of fiber become remarker and remarker:
1) Fiber can support greater-distance and higher-bandwidth transmission.The new-generation OM4 multi-mode fiber can offer effective-mode bandwidth at least 4700MHz-km ,injection-mode bandwidth 3500MHz-km for 850nm;injection-mode bandwidth at 500MHz-km for 1300nm ,can all support 550m-maximum 10Gbps serial transmission and 150m-above 40/100Gbps transmission.Application of ZWP OS2 single-mode fiber in 10G Ethernet make the transmission distance long to 40Km.These are beyond copper system.When information transmission distance beyond 100m,increasing regional-management cells ,networking equipments and routing materials is a must for copper system ,and that results in the increase of project cost and link failure points.However,fiber system can settle this problem easily.

2) Fiber adopts light signal transmission,no electromagnetic-leakage,no light-wave away,no signal-leaking.The instinct secrecy of fiber-optic communication has been applied into several data-security-sensible departments,such as national army,aerospace,graduate school,public security department,military industry,high-tech R&D unit,etc.

3) Fiber-optic communication is not susceptible to EMI and RFI,data-transmitting stably,high transmission bandwidth,bandwidth-upgrading simply,etc.These features are recognized and accepted by some departments which have high requirements on data transmission quality and large transmission quantity,such as image system transmission in large-scale hospital,library,archives,mass pictures and image data transmission in reconnaissance and design institute ,etc.

4) Cooper system from Cat5 to Cat6A,added cross skeleton,shielding layer(even duble shielding layer) to structure ,therefore ,wire diameter became larger and larger.These increased raw material ,transportation ,installation auxiliary,installation implementation and test cost .Copper system"s number of test parameters developed from 4 for Cat5 to dozen,and now even increased an external crosstalk test parameter .Those make Cat6A routing system"s acceptance test more involved and time-consuming.However,until today ,fiber ‘s volume and weight hasn"t changed at all,normally number of test parameters is 2:"attenuation" and "length" .In addition,with the development of fiber-optic communication, raw material cost tend to decreasing ,installation implementation also becomes more and more convenient.
5) The application of 10GBASE-LRM which makes transmission distance of OM1 and OM2 optical cable in 10G Ethernet reach to 300m decreases the routing cost greatly.
6) Can be used in wide range of temperature,communication with no charge,can be used in flammable and explosive ares ,be used safely.
7) Resistance to chemical corrosion,long service life.
8) Different sheathing material and inner structure can cope with bad working environment.
Appropriately for these reasons ,the application of FTTD becomes a development trend in the future,even there"s somebody thinking Cat6A system as the end of copper epoch.Fiber cable will be the final choice of network .

Application of FTTD
With the rapid development of information technology ,internet- visiting volume becomes more and more .Uses have new requirements on visiting quality and speed.Bandwidth and volume offered by ordinary distributed computer room can not meet their requirements.Repeated construction wasted large amount of time ,labor force material resources and financial resources.How to establish a safe ,reliable ,upgrading-conveniently and reconfiguring-conveniently data center is a vital problem for IT managers when planning.Therefore,FTTD new-type network will be widely used and popularized.