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Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics CO.,LTD(LR-LINK) corporation has a 2000-sq.m.-area SMT factory ,undertaking batch production of our products .We have advanced manufacture and test equipment like full-automatic drying edition machine, solder paste automatic printing press,American global high-speed SMT machine,Japanese multi-function SMT machine,automatic chained plug-in line,unleaded hot-air reflow soldering ,unleaded segmented infrared preheating wave-soldering,X-Ray scanning equipment,etc,and large-scale burn-in laboratory ,flexible assembly line to ensure product quality and guarantee speed of delivery.

The first production line of SMT factory; The second production line of SMT factory;

Workshop corner of SMT factory Japanese lead-free reflow soldering.

Japanese multi-function SMT machine; American Global high-speed SMT machine.

LR-LINK corporations headquarter has an area of 1000㎡ ,owning 4 professional network card burn-in boxes,3 sever cabinets,a 20G traffic generator ,an Xtramus Nustreams-2000 photoelectric comprehensive network performance tester.We always adhere to the tenetsurvive with quality,develop with innovation.Product quality is the first thing.Every link :product design, raw material purchase,production,test,assembly,pack and delivery ,etc is carried out according to quality requirements and environmental standards of ISO9001/ISO14001 ,ROHS authentication system,and fully controlled.Using excellent ERP system control in material purchase ,production arrange,shipment and RMA product rework,etc ,can avoid the errors caused by human operation.

LR-LINK product R&D and manufacture processing

Good solution selection,great design,premium raw material and well processing technic just can make good semi-manufactured product.High product quality and good stability can only be guaranteed after strict hight-temperature aging,functional test,etc.Thus,a qualified product can be made.

LR-LINK products,from product solution selection and design,to material,processing,aging,testing,all are strictly guaranteed,which is dedicated to offering customer high-quality products.

1.Project Establishing:

LR-LINK each new product project is established after market analysis,investigating need,technical feasibility analysis and being passed by review committee,to make sure each product can meet market requirement.

2.Solution Selection:

more than 90% of LR-LINK products select Intel,Broadcom,Marvell,etc advanced solutions,to guarantee products advancement.

3.R&D Capability:

LR-LINK has professional R&D team.From schematic diagram designing to PCB design,and type approval,all are completely independently researched and developed,independently innovated.Weve done ODM/OEM for many companies.

4.Raw Material Procurement:

all raw material are purchased from formal big companies,as American TI and LTC power controller,Pulse inductance,FAIRCHILD MOS tube,MAXIM reset IC,Samsung RC components,AVX Ta capacitance.

5.Production and Processing:

full-automatic production line,various imported processing equipments,advanced ERP system management ensure fast delivery and that yield rate exceeds 99%.

6.Product Ageing:

Product Ageing is an important production process to improve product stability and reliability.All LR-LINK products must go through the process of 24-hour ageing under power and 80 degrees,to ensure the performance of components and product,and ex factory pass rate.

7.Performance Test:

After ageing,product must go through strict performance test.LR-LINK has full-equipped performance test equipments:diskless servers,extranet server,10G server,20G bandwidth generator,NuStreams-2000 network comprehensive performance tester.

8.Delivery Inspection:

Qualified products are allowed to delivery after appearance inspection,labeling,packaging,and checking out.