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The first Dual QSFP+ Server Adapter Successfully in China
Tag: Lianrui Electronics LR-LINK--R&D the first Dual QSFP+ Server Adapter Successfully in China Date:2015-03-30

Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics CO.,LTDalways keep theOperation Philosophy ofIndependent R&D, continuous innovation.All the products is R&D independently. In the network card industry in China,we have the most quickly of R&D speed, the most specs products company. When we realeased one model,it will be copyed by our competitors,but the quality we have,they will never passed.

Lianrui Electronics is always has the attitude of leadship in network card industry.Have a lot ofsincerely followers .We believe: Have been imitate, has never been surpassed.

One month has passed in 2015, there is a great news from our R&D department,the DUAL QSFP+ Server Apdater has passed test by customers. And have great feedback and satisfatory. The fuctions are compatible with the original Intel card quality totally.

The news from theboard of directors It will produce in bulk soon. Congratulations to the R&D in Lianrui,provide another high-end products.Many thanks for them.