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The global first PCI-E 100M SFP fiber network card supporting PXE Bootrom is successfully engineered
Tag: Date:2011-06-16

Good news:To extend oversea business,weve enhanced input from this year,and produced large repay.At the end of May,a foreign customer who needs to customize PCI-E100Mfiber network card supporting PXE Bootrom contacted us ,and needing large quantity.So on 30th May,we signed the contract with this customer under the involvement of lour leadership.And we handed customers requirement to R&D center,supervised by Project executive.

On 15th July,good news from R&D center,we developed successfully this card according to customers requirement,and weve finished 5 samples,waiting for customers the check and accept.R&D center finished schematic diagram designing ,PCB design,PCB proofing ,sample welding ,debugging ,testing in 15days.It also predicts that the global first PXE-supporting PCI-E100MSFP fiber optic network card is born in our company.R&D center is also highly recognized and awarded by companys leadership.

5 sample was sent to customer yesterday,waiting for customers test , check and accept.

The new product is named as LREC9020PF.For details, pls go through product centers introduction.