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Research and Development Win from Innovation

Research and Development(R&D)

Shenzhen Lianrui Electronic Co.,LTD(LR-LINK) has highly innovative and dynamic R&D engineers and executives, timely grasping development condition of science and technology,market demand; we have advanced analysis and testing equipment,research lab, etc. Our self-developed fiber-optic communication products remain ahead in China .Performance and quality are superior,compared to our counterparts" products .Our products are widely used and recognized by customers.In addition,our R &D team has excellent integrating capacity ,and can offer clients various customized (OEM/ODM) services .

Keeping pace with advanced technology and collaborating closely with world networking tycoons are two effective approaches to keep strong momentum to research and develop for LR-LINK.Our company has established close cooperation with well-known chip manufacturers ,such as Intel.Broadcom,Marvell,Atheros,Vitesse,VIA,ICPLUS,Cavium Networks,Conexant,Realtek,Ralink,etc.Thus,we can obtain strong advanced technology power.Meanwhile,we are on intimate terms with our R&D team,and share the experience in project development and product test.

Our R &D team has accumulated rich experience in Ethernet switch,Router,fiber switch and fiber transceiver ,etc.By applying these experiences into the use and development of fiber optical network card ,LR-LINK has achieved rapid development in network card field ,and becomes the most specification-completed ,professional fiber optical network card manufacturer in China at the same time.Well always focus on the application and development of fiber optical network card .Our company is one of the few professional companies with independent development.Weve set up professional test platform to make sure the whole performance of products .Were going to to do professionally,refinedly,strongly.

LR-LINK—only produce network card

The top brand of Chinas network card
The leading brand in high-and-mid-end network card in China
Whole-Series network card professional R&D and manufacturer
Preferred Chinese manufacturer in oversea OEM networking products
Preferred supplier for Chinese system integrators network cards
FTTD well-known brand in Chinese military-industrial enterprises
FTTD well-known brand in Chinese disciplinary inspection
Professional ODM&OEM manufacturer of whole series network card