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Product Quick Guide

Our Ethernet network cards and adapters offer flexible solutions for connecting your laptop, desktop computer, or server to an Ethernet network by fiber or copper. You can find the suitable products by the following choices。

  • LREC9801BT

    PCI Express x8 Single Copper Port 10 Gigabit Server Adapter (Intel X540 Based)

  • LREC9802BT

    PCI Express x8 Dual Copper Port 10Gbps 10GBase-T Ethernet Server Adapter NIC (Intel X540 Based)

  • LREC9811BT

    PCIe 3.0 x4 Single Copper Port 10GBase-T Server Adapter (Intel X550AT Based)

  • LREC9812BT

    PCIe 3.0 x4 10G Dual Copper Server Adapter(Intel X550AT2 Based)

  • LREC9804BT

    10 Gigabit LREC9904BT 10 Gigabit Quad-Port Ethernet Server Adapter(Intel XL710 Based)

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