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Dell company,its headquarter is located in Round Roch,Texas St.,US.It’s one of  five-hundred companies of the world .Initially ,it’s called PC"s Limited.In 1987 it changed into Dell.Dell is famous for manufacturing ,designing ,selling home and office computers.Meanwhile,it also sets foot in high-ranking computer market ,manufactures and sells sever,data storage equipment,networking equipment,etc.Dell’s other products involved in PDA,software,print machine,etc.

As global chief brand in networking communication equipment industry,D-Link is dedicated to engineering and development,production and sale of LAN,BBN,Voice network,network safety,networking storage,network monitoring,and involved networking equipment;it establishes engineering and development centers in US,China Mainland,Taiwan and India.Its products sell worldwide.It owns many world-class customers in US,Japan,Russia,etc;global turnover in 2006 is $12.66 billion,annual increase reaches up to 15%,and won the top rank of global consuming networking product sale,global SOHO Broadband Router sale,global traditional switch and global gigabit traditional switch,again selected in IT top 100 of United State’s《Business week.Its core competitiveness “rapidness,innovation,cost”was fully reflected.In 2007,D-Link made another success ,its whole-year turnover was TWD332.31 billion,operating margin was TWD113.86 billion,net profit after taxation was TWD33.39 billion,net profit after taxation per share was TWD6.1,increased by 32% than the before year,which set new history record.

Shanghai Jiaotong university is one of the oldest institute of higher learning in our country; is the national key university which is straightly attached to Education Ministry,and co-built by Education Ministry and Shanghai;after 115-year hard working,Shanghai Jiaotong University becomes a “comprehensive,research-based,internationalized”, first-rate and well-known university ,and is forward into world first-rate university.

The profound cultural background ,long traditions of the school,hard-working development history,especially for the achievements obtained since the reform and opening up policy of Shanghai jiaotong University is under attention home and oversea.This hundred-year school which cultivating many talents is trimming its sails.It looks heritage of civilization,seeking for truth as mission,revitalizing China,benefiting human being as own duty,heading up to “comprehensive,research-based,internationalized”, first-rate and well-known university ,and is forward into world first-rate university.

Lenovo creates and builds exceptionally engineered personal technology, but we are much more than a tech company. We are defining a new way of doing things as a next generation global company. That means we are years ahead of the game in terms of understanding what it will take to win 5, 10 years from now.Formed by Lenovo Group’s acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division, Lenovo builds on its dominant position in China to grow globally. The expansion from East to West – such as by introducing our newest products in China and then spreading across the globe – is a new way of viewing the world, one we believe will be the way of the future.That focus on the future is based on a strong history of success that is driving results today. Long the leader inChina, Lenovo is growing rapidly and winning market share in all parts of the world. This balanced growth is what has made Lenovo the fastest growing major PC company and enabled us to consistently grow faster than the market.

Words “Tong”, “Fang” comes from a famous sentence of the Book of Rites. Meaning to indicate a place gathers who hold common ambition and social morality. As the oldest building of Tsinghua campus, “Tong Fang” department has been using it to hold Confucius’ annual memorial ceremony on August 27th in long term, and to gather all those who share the common goal and view.With decades of effort, Tongfang Co., ltd has been constructed into ten core divisions. They are “Computer,Digital City, The Internet of Things Application, Micro-electronics & Radio Frequency Technology, Multi-media,Semi Conductor & Illuminating, Knowledge Network, Military Application, Digital TV, and Environment Technology Industry Divisions. 

Inspur is a leading supplier of overall cloud computing solution inChinaand has formed the service capability of overall solution covering the three levels of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Inspur establishes the leading cloud computing infrastructure platforms for customers relying on Inspur high-end server, mass storage, cloud operating system and information safety technology and comprehensively supports the intelligent government, enterprise cloud and vertical industry cloud construction based on Inspur government affairs, enterprise, industry information-based software, terminal products and solution.

As a large IT enterprise group with comprehensive strength of both software and hardware inChinamainland, Inspur dedicates itself to the promotion of informatization construction of all industries inChina, makeing IT application change people’s life and realize people’s dreams at unprecedented speed with innovative spirit, practical attitude. Inspur believes that practical attitude creates success, innovation achieves future. Inspur will keep the innovative spirit as usual and serve users with new and high quality products continuously to make IT application promote the social development. Inspur is taking the hands of users to realize new dreams continuously with the passion of exploring the world.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is short for CASC.It has famous brands like“shenzhou””changzheng”,etc and independent knowledge property,is a innovative and competitive large-scale state-owned enterprise.

China Electronics Corporation (CEC) is one of the key state-owned conglomerates directly under the administration of central government, and the largest state-owned IT company inChina. It was established in 1989 and originated from the former Ministry of Electronics Industry as a result of government restructuring.

As the leader in the field of electronic and information system integration inChina,CETC is always devoted to providing satisfactory service to domestic and international customers with tailor-made electronic information system and total solutions which are innovative ,unique and forwar-looking.

China North Industries Group Corporation(NORINCO GROUP), as the main body for research and development of weapons and equipment of land forces as well as the backbone force for research and development of destruction and informationized equipment of army, deems upgrading self-innovation capability, improving quality of development and honoring social responsibility as its three major tasks. We endeavor to build up an ordnance industry in conformity with our international status by sticking to the guiding principles that technical capability determines market status which in turn determines corporate status, that the accumulation of capital, technology and talent should go in synchronization with that of culture, that force of market, mechanism and culture should be cultivated and given full play, that technological and management innovation should be taken as the core motivation, that talent should be the determining factor of achieving development, that truth-seeking and pragmatism and open development should be the way to be followed, that technology-related defense and civilian industry should develop hand in hand.

China aviation industry corporation (avic), which is determined by the central management of state-owned oversize enterprise, is a state authorized investment entity, on November 6, 2008 by the China aviation industry first and second group company restructuring integration and established group of companies has a helicopter airborne equipment and aviation equipment transport aircraft engine air system general aircraft flight test research trade logistics, asset management, project planning and construction in industry sectors such as cars, has more than 200 members have more than 20 listed companies, employees about 400000 people in July 8, 2009, the us fortune magazine released the latest ranking world 500 strong enterprises, China aviation industry first declare and successfully selected, ranked four hundred and twenty-sixth, became the first to enter the world 500 strong in the air.

Established in July 1999, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is a major state-owned enterprise group and one ofChina"s largest shipbuilding and shiprepairing groups. It has 46 industrial subsidiaries and 28 R&D institutes.CSIC is an entity directly under the state government with state authorisation for investment and capital management. The group has a total asset base of USD 27.54 billion and a workforce of 140,000. 

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, CASIC, is the backbone of national science and technology industry, is a large state-owned hi-tech enterprise under direct administration of central government. It has grown out of theFifthAcademyof the Ministry of Defense in 1956, and gone through a long history with different names of the Ministry of the Seventh Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Industry, China Aerospace Corporation, China Aerospace Machinery and Electronics Corporation, and the present one. CASIC owns seven academies, two scientific research and development bases, six public listed companies, and over 620 other companies and institutes scattering nationwide.